The Saving Faucet was conceived for the first time in the year 2000 by the inventor (career electrician) César Herrera Velásquez, the idea was a response to the excessive waste of water that the inventor observed in a daily and normal work such as washing hands.

After the simple observation and simple calculations, he understood that the waste of the vital element, its environmental impact and the expenses that it caused could be much better managed with a faucet designed to achieve those purposes

Being a dynamic person by nature, Cesar immediately begins to sketch and put his ideas on paper, and already in the middle of 2001 with the first prototype in hand, he travels to Geneva - Switzerland, to exhibit his work at the 29th International Inventors' year 2001.

This first prototype wins the Bronze Medal for Peru. Receiving the qualification of the Swiss scientists to be a "CONTRIBUTION TO HUMANITY", an innovative and indispensable system in times of environmental crisis.

This first prototype was patented in INDECOPI in 2002 and in an exercise of patience, ingenuity and more tests in 2008, it is finally possible to optimize the Faucet Saving until it achieves a saving of 90% of the valuable element.

The Faucet Saving was also tested in the laboratories of Sedapal in 2007, after which our product was rated as "The Best Product on the Market"

And that is how ENTERPRISE was born, to market that first product and other related products, which with the same philosophy of the original product, greatly reduce the environmental impact or significantly favor the environment in general, while achieving significant savings for the economy of our users.

The day-to-day can be "normal" by force of habit, so the simple act of washing hands, even if it goes unnoticed, leaves with it a tremendous ecological footprint and a significant hole in any economy.

The savings faucet and ENTERPRISE products are an immediate response to a sustainable future and a significant improvement in the economics of your home or business.