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Product Description

Hydrogen Generator

The Hydrogen Generator System injects a flow of hydrogen and oxygen gas (HHO) to a motor, making it more energy efficient and reducing the gaseous pollutants from 70% to 95%, achieving savings of up to 50% in fuel consumption. The HHO gas used is the residue of an electrolytic process of electrolyzed water, which when injected via the air intake to the combustion chamber, displaces fossil fuel, and acts to help to burn more efficiently gasoline or diesel, increasing power and thus reducing pollutant gases. The Hydrogen Generator System not only saves fuel and increases engine power/torque, but actually cleans out the char and all internal debris, helping with maintenance, helping to keep oil clean and extending engine life , The Hydrogen Generator System is installed as an additional accessory, it is not necessary to modify in any way any element of the engine, likewise can be removed at any time, without affecting in any way the normal operation of the vehicle. The installation of the Hydrogen Generator System is usually quick and simple, and requires some knowledge of electricity in a vehicle, however it is always recommended someone specialized, what is necessary to take into account, is that the system only produces HHO and is due stop when the engine stops. The duration of the water in the system, will logically depend on the continuous and intensive operation given to the system. But the estimate for an average vehicle is to recharge every 10 to 15,000 km. approximately. And that would be the only maintenance that the Hydrogen Generator System needs. The Hydrogen Generator System is extremely safe, because it only works when the engine is running, so there is no accumulation or pressurizing of gases. However, in case of leakage, these are non-toxic gases, which spread rapidly in the environment. The Hydrogen Generator System can be used in all vehicles or machines that use an internal combustion engine such as: cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans, boats, heavy machinery, industrial machinery, agricultural machinery, generators, boilers, compressors, ovens, etc.

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