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88% less in CONSUMPTION

88% less on BILLING

77% more Brightness

50000 hours of LIFE


Product Description

LED Luminaires

An LED luminaire is a lamp that uses one or more light-emitting diodes, as a light source. Because the light of each diode is not very intense, to achieve greater light capacity, it is grouped inside the luminaire, until the desired intensity is reached. Today it is widely used, commercially and particularly, not only for the quality of its final presentation, but also for its generous advantages, such as its long service life, considerable energy savings, instant start-up, withstand on and continuous off , etc. The diodes are powered by direct courrent (DC) power, so LED luminaires must include internal circuits to operate from the standard AC voltage. They also have heat management elements, such as heat sinks and cooling fins, to prevent damage to high temperatures.

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Comparison Chart

The following table shows a comparison of LED luminaires vs. traditional luminaires such as incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, CFL (low consumption) and sodium.

Table of equivalences for Led Luminaires

What are Lumens?

For years we have chosen electric light bulbs based on the watts, and associating the watts to the luminosity. However the unit "watt" refers to energy consumption, not brightness.

Today, light bulbs are designed to consume less energy and give more brightness and the watt / brightness ratio we know is no longer reliable.

The brightness is measured in Lumens, and for example now to look for the brightness of a traditional 60 watt bulb, you will have to search for a bulb of approximately 88 lumens.

In the Table below we show the lumens produced by the traditional incandescent bulbs, to help you in your purchase.

Lumens of the incandescent bulbs and their equivalence in Led